hybrid mattress singapore

All About hybrid mattress

hybrid mattress singapore is an all-purpose bed that consolidates memory foam, plastic, or gel alongside an internal spring frame. Sleepers can find both the tension help of foam layers and the strong feel of an exemplary spring mattress. Discuss the ideal combination!

  • Cushion top: Available on some hybrids, the 1- to 2-inch cushion top is sewn onto the top of the comfort layer to provide extra padding.
  • Solace layer: This is the layer you lie on, made up of padded parts like memory foam, plastic, and cooling gel. This is usually 3-4 slips of body-hugging material.
  • Support Center: The support center structures the main part of the mattress level by 7 to 8 inches. Pocket-wrapped curls and clips offer support for the spine.
  • Base Layer: Usually made of foam, this 1-inch layer at the base offers cushioning, strength and solidity.

In contrast to their foam partners, hybrid mattresses provide a predominant lifespan, breathability, and responsiveness. Read on to learn more about our award-winning hybrid mattresses so you can choose your perfect match.

Notch hybrid mattress

Assuming you need a top-notch hybrid mattress at costs that won’t keep you awake, the Casper Original Hybrid might be the best approach. We designed our hybrid mattress with breathable perforated foam that is meant to let in the wind and keep things cool under the covers. Plus, as we realize that a few of every weird body part needs similar help, we’ve also created a progress layer with three designated zones of the cushion where you want it, like your hips, belly, and lower back. Finally, our versatile spring base layer is designed with a firm line that is crafted to give you the help you want.