Get Free Flyer Design Tips to Improve Your Results

There are a number of Great flyer designing applications and templates available online that can provide substantial savings to your advertising campaign. Your objective should be to locate a flyer layout which has been created with marketing techniques in your mind. Your free flyer needs to look great but additionally; it needs to generate the most potential sales. Listed below are 3 must Know tips to remember when using free flyer design applications.

stock photo guide

  1. Be Conscious of Picture and Text Placement

Among the things you will notice is that there are editable areas and boxes on the template. The graphic designer who put up those fields put them in strategic places based on proven marketing methods. As an example, items of prominence are placed either at the top left hand corner or across the right side of the page. This is because we read from left to right top to bottom. The first place the customer’s eyes will naturally fall is on the top left and the last place they will view would be the perfect border of the sheet as they flip the page over. When uploading pictures, keep them inside the designated ‘boxes’ allocated to images as they are strategically placed for a reason.

  1. Use High Resolution Images

Because those images are placed strategically where they will call attention to themselves, it is very important that you use high quality, higher resolution images. As opposed to RGB color it is very important to store them in CYMK or full color. The best stock photo guide format to store pictures or images in for uploading to be used in your flyer could be jpeg or gif file extensions. Although you are using a free flyer design template or program, you want the end product to have a professional appeal. The quality of your advertising directly reflects the level of your company. Surveys have suggested that consumers place a higher level of faith in companies who market with quality printing instead of Xeroxed copies with illegible form and fuzzy images.

  1. Text and Fonts

Locating a free flyer design template or program is Easy to do as there are numerous sites online where they can be downloaded from or customized with an online application. Keep these 3 tips in mind when customizing your flyer along with your final product will have a professional appeal that sells. Lots of people like to use online templates from a printer so that they just must hit ‘send’ when it is complete and order as many copies as necessary for their advertising campaign. Find and your job are finished. Flyer design programs make it that simple.