Things to look for with meat slicers

It is time Slicer, but you do not know what to search for in one. There are numerous factors. This guide will get in depth about slicer buying. The First thing is this slicer’s brand. There are several brands, some famous, some not so famous. By now, the ones that people seem to know the most about are Berkley Hobart, and Globe. The three are the trustworthy of the slicer brands. Some slicer brands that are not so famous include: Unisex, and Axis Distributor Knife. The Next thing is your specs. The specs will signify the sort of class a meat slicer will fall under: medium duty light duty, and duty. Lastly, you will have to take into account the purchase price. Economy customer slicers are the lowest of the low. They start at fewer than 100. You will run. By all means meat slicers are not inexpensive, but they do provide life ruggedness and quality slicing. You have a general knowledge about what to look for in purchasing a meat slicer. This was the basics, Even though there are things to take into account. You can go and find the slicer for you.

Meat Slice

So, you are considering acquiring a commercial meat slicer. But, you do not have any clue about. There’s quite a few and not-so-well known slicer brands to take into account. So we will give some of them here. A Hobart meat slicer that is commercial is among the most recognized brands out there. They have features that are neat to assist the operator. Some best meat slicer features include: sharpener, cutting mode that is automatic, and a lift aid to assist with under cleaning. Berkley Slicers are proven to be the first of its kind. It is the parent for all meat now since its innovation back in the 1800s. Some features included in Berkley slicers contain: knife guards, Borazon and kick stand. Another of the boy slicer brands, Globe slicer is as commercial as it gets. They give the same features and function as the other two, such as: sharpening stones, knife guards, and elevated stands to wash underneath the slicer.

Those were the three, slicer that is top brands. However there are other brands which are known. So here is the remainder of slicer brands.

  • Anvil
  • Axis
  • Distributor
  • General
  • German Knife Turbo Air