Bring forth advanced skin care specialist treatments

The innovative skin care treatments Being provided by cosmetic clinics are really effective in dealing with an assortment of skin conditions. Problems like acne, blemishes, wrinkles, rosacea, pigmentation, dark spots and sun damage and related skin conditions can easily be dealt with using specific innovative skin care treatments that are safe and effective with minimal or no down time.

Photo rejuvenation with IPL

Intense Pulse Light or IPL is Used to deal with multiple skin conditions like sun spots, blemishes, pigmented lesions, spider veins, and rosacea. The downtime is nil and the process is wholly non-invasive with no recovery period involved. The skin appears renewed and young after photo rejuvenation with IPL.

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Chemical Peels

With age, the outer layer of the Skin thickens and creates a dull coating that seems dry and old. There can be discoloration of the skin also in certain places. As the name implies, chemical peels help loosen the outer layer of skin and slowly remove the dead skin to reveal a youthful and luminous layer of skin. This controlled process of exfoliation helps stimulate the skin to make more collagen and elastin. There are various kinds of chemical peels, and your healthcare aesthetician can help you decide which kind can help you achieve your treatment goals.


In this treatment the skin is Exfoliated with gentle abrasives to remove the dead outer layer and rejuvenate skin. The procedure is fast and requires very little time and no down time. Crystals of aluminum dioxide are used for exfoliation, frequently followed by an aloe vera to hydrate the skin that was treated.


TheĀ skin specialist in pune Are Extremely effective Remedies to reveal fresh and luminous skin. Personalized treatment is given based on the skin type and the treatment works well for everybody. The dry cells are sloughed off with receptor and massage therapy. This treatment is wonderful to help control acne also. Clogged pores can be professionally and safely extracted without causing scarring. Clinical facials are among the easiest way to give your skin the makeover it needs. Aside from these advanced skin Care treatments there are certain remedies for prominent leg veins, facial waxing for removing facial hair and Vacuolise treatment for removing skin tags or facial spider veins. Now you can look beautiful irrespective of age with these non-invasive approaches.