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NASDAQ: ISAQ Investment II, LifeSci Capital’s 2nd White Check Companies, which targets the healthcare sector, filed an initial public offering with SEC on Wednesday to raise up to $75 million.

New York, NY, is preparing to raise $75 million to provide $10 million for 7.5 million shares. The firm does not sell warrants, unlike an ordinary SPAC, that will become feasible after the initial business combination is completed. The estimated transaction size would have a market valuation of $94 million for Lifesci Acquisition II.

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The business is headed by Founder and chairman of the LifeSci Capital Health Care Investment Bank CEO Andrew McDonald and COO Michael Rice as well as Director Michael Rice. CFO and David Dobkinis currently LifeSci Capital Managing Director. The SPAC aims to address the North American or European industries of biopharmaceutics, medical technologies and emerging wellness and healthcare.

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The previous SPAC of LifeSci Resources, the purchase of LifeSci (lifeSci) (LSAC, +34 percent from the $10 bid price), has been made public by March 2020.

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