Should Parents Monitor Their Kid’s Social Media Accounts?

Parents are told not to allow their children to become hooked to social media in our social media-obsessed society. Social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram are thought to be detrimental for children. But denying children access to social media is nearly difficult these days. They have friends who constantly entice them to use social media. They show them this sparkly world and convince them that they, too, should use it. It has become more difficult for parents to keep their children away from social media because all they can see is a fantasy world.


Giving kids access while monitoring them is the best and most balanced method to deal with this. When your kids are set to begin their social media journey, you must adequately educate kids on using social media. They must be well educated on the pros and cons of social media. They must also understand that the monitoring is for their benefit.


How to Protect and Monitor Children’s Social Media?


1 – Keep an eye on the pictures your child posts on the Internet


Your child would never post a photo of themselves on the Internet in an ideal world. But that isn’t always realistic. If they want to share pictures with their friends through email or a social networking site, be sure you know which ones. 


Ensure that the photo’s content is completely innocuous. You must also make sure that there are no identifiable locations in the background.


2 – Get to Know the Technology


Children have easily mastered technology and can quickly pick up on any gadget, far more easily than we can in some instances. It is every parent’s responsibility to understand which important functions are present in your children’s devices.


In this case, you can also use a phone tracker app to ensure perfect invisibility. Your kids will be completely unaware that they are being monitored.


3 – Make Use of Parental Control Apps


There are mobile applications that allow you to monitor your child’s Social Media Activity remotely. For instance, you can continually monitor your child’s Facebook and Messenger accounts. You can even check what they have been posting and who are they talking to. It will help restrict exposure to online evils.


The Kids Tracker app is the best Facebook location trackerIt allows you to watch your child’s Facebook account round the clock.


4 – Talk to Kids about Online Risks


When you talk to your children about the risks of being online, you may feel like you’re scaring them. But it’s better for them to be concerned than to be ignorant. When your child starts to use the Internet on their own, having an open communication channel becomes important.


To Conclude


If you keep track of your children’s activities, you’ll have a better grasp of what they’re up to. It will also help you to set appropriate and effective boundaries. Kids Tracker is one of the best apps for monitoring your children’s social media for their welfare. You can view their conversations, posts, call records, and even message logs.