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In the tropics, there are moist and dry seasons. There is also the eagerly expected durian season. Among fans here, durian season isĀ  as much expected since the Christmas season is in the west Eating a fantastic durian is like tasting a fantastic bottle of claret, states Englishman, Nigel Pendrigh. A durian connoisseur, Nigel obtained the taste for the fruit eight decades back. He described a durian encounter as being three-dimensional aroma, flavour and nuances.Not surprisingly, it was Nigel and his wife Fee who attracted me into the durian plantation in Balik Pulau in Penang.

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The plantation boasts approximately a thousand durian trees that are aged between 60 and 100 years old. We moved there in July, right smack at the summit of the durian season. There we tasted a vast array of durians which range from Ooi Kneow yellow ginger to Ang Hae Red Shrimp; from Peh Bak Eu White Pork Lard into Ling Feng Geow named after Jackie Chan’s spouse . Hor Lor, D 11 and D 24 were being served in this decadent durian feast.

We were advised that these were produced from 30kg of pure durian pulp and 3kg of sugar. She especially mentioned no flour was inserted in her recipe msw durian delivery has motivated many to use it in sweet edibles like dodol, ice cream, pastries and mooncakes, amongst others. My favorite durian dessert, durian pulut glutinous rice steamed with coconut milk, is a wealthy, deadly mix that has me running several hours on the treadmill. The feel here is rather than the clamor of the remainder of Jakarta. It is calm and permits you to return yourself to a more loosened up period.