cooking class Singapore

Easy tips for cooking cakes

If you need to bring some of your preferred nearby dishes home with you from Singapore, look at some cooking classes. In a cooking class Singapore, You’ll figure out how to ace Singaporean dishes so you can keep on appreciating the flavours of the nation after you’ve returned home.

cooking class Singapore

Some important tips about cooking a cake:

If you are a cake lover but facing problems while baking it there are some essential tips you should learn from cooking class Singapore:

  • Never use cold butter and cold eggs to make a cake. If the time is short, heat the butter in the microwave for five seconds. To cook the eggs, keep them in hot water for ten to fifteen minutes.
  • Always make sure that the quantity of refined flour is right while making the cake. Excess or less all-purpose flour will spoil the taste of your cake.
  • When the cake is made, reverse and cool it. This will make the upper part of the cake flat, and you will not have difficulty in icing.
  • Measure the ingredients of the recipe that you are using to make the cake. Take a recipe from a website that you trust.
  • To make the cake well, it is necessary to preheat the oven thoroughly. If you make the cake in a low hot oven, the cake will be less spongy.
  • To make the cake spongy, beat the ingredients as much as possible. Beat the mixture with very light hands, not very fast.
  • Try adding a toothpick to the cake, and if it turns out to be dry, then your cake is ready.