Home Remedies for Kidney Stones – Effective Natural Treatment

Deposits of mineral or organic are referred to as kidney stones. Additionally it is known as renal calculi. These stones may vary in size. These stones when no issue is caused by within the kidney but once these stones become lodged in the ureter these stones can cause a problem. These stones disturb the metabolism of the body and can lead to pain.

Home Remedies

There are many home remedies for kidney stones that are complex and easy to follow when applied in our everyday routine. Some of the favorite home remedies are:

  1. Among the simplest and Home remedies for kidney stones is to drink a lot of water. You may try drinking lemon juice that is equally beneficial.
  2. Watermelon is among the home remedies for kidney stones. Among all fruits it is known to have water concentration. It is full of potassium salts and is thought of as among the very best and diuretics.
  3. Vitamin A helps in preventing formation of rocks in the body and strengthens the system. So make it a daily habit of consuming foods rich in vitamin A.
  4. Onion is also useful in treating kidney stones. Boil of water and add two to three onions inside. Let it boil for ten to fifteen minutes. Strain the mixture and let it cool down. Add sugar and salt . Drink this option two to three times.
  5. Basil leaves are powerful in curing stones. All you will need to do is extract juice and take a few leaves of basil. Add this juice and mix them. This mixture is taken by daily every morning. This is one of the natural home remedies for kidney stones.
  6. We all are familiar with coconut water.
  7. Take two cups of horse gram and one cup of pomegranate seeds. Make a soup from them. Consuming this soup is also valuable in treating kidney stones.
  8. Drink a mixture of oil and lemon juice followed with a huge glass of water. This home remedy can help the stones to pass from your system within hours.
  9. Daily eat a glass of orange juice. It will prevent formation of kidney stones.
  10. Avoid foods like Tomato, meat, cabbage asparagus, cucumber, cauliflower, spinach and radish.
  11. Do not consume carbonated beverages and alcohol.
  12. Consuming on regular Basis assists in preventing stone formation.
  13. Yogasanas such as Bhujangasana, halasana, pavanmuktasana, dhanurasana and uttanpadasana are useful in sparking the kidneys.
  14. Eat grapes since they are high in water and potassium . They are known for their bo than trang duong price.