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It’s a smooth healing process with us

Whether you are hanging around for 60 minutes or you need to go through the entire day indulging yourself with your spa treatments, you can anticipate loosening up a great experience. At Hand and Stone, we are known for offering excellent massage therapy in San Antonio, TX. We are open the entire week with broadened hours, and stroll-in arrangements are gladly received.

We are here to relax you from all of your torments; whether you have back pain, pregnancy twinges, or stress, we will endeavor to assist you with feeling improved.

Our spa is open seven days per week, and we have evening and end of the week hours for bustling clients.

Our expertise:

  • Prenatal – A supporting back massage that spotlights the unique requirements of moms-to-be during pregnancy. Situating pads, pillows, cushions are utilized to upgrade support, decline tension, and increment unwinding for both body and brain.
  • Swedish – This therapy is viewed as quite possibly the most loosening up style. Swedish massage treatment includes long, liquid strokes of muscles and tissues with pressure ranging from light to medium-firm. The specialists will change the strain as per your responsiveness and inclination.
  • Sports – whether you are nursing a physical issue, preparing for an upcoming occasion, or attempting to get your body into the ideal shape, you can profit from the sports massage services presented manually and stone massage.
  • Deep Tissue – Profound tissue massage is frequently suggested for people who experience reliable torment and touchiness in enormous and little muscle gatherings. This therapy service method utilizes slow, profound directed strokes and forms strain to ease severe pressure and reach beneath the superficial muscles.
  • Hot Stone – Adding hotness to the explicit region of the body improves the sensations of unwinding and harmony. Our unique Hot Stone massage is a type of back rub treatment that follows similar standards of Swedish Massage treatment with the expansion of warmed stones, which leads to profound unwinding—suggestedexplicitly for people experiencing fibromyalgia, joint inflammation, or another constant torment.

Efforts those matter

We will customize your meeting whether you want a sports massage, a full-body, or a hot stone back rub. We understand that every last one of our clients might answer better to a particular sort of treatment, so we’ll offer you a horde of choices from which you can pick.