Quartz Counter Tops Are Engineered for Your Kitchen

A Quartz counter top may be the answer for people that love the Look of granite but are worried about by some of the stone’s short falls. Granite is a porous natural stone that can absorb fluids, it can soak up the stains of grease and cooking oils also may be etched by acids that are found in these regular household items as hairspray. Engineered quartz counter tops aren’t influenced by any of these hazards. Ranite is also very unpredictable in its own color or patterns between Slabs, and this also makes fitting of parts of a counter top somewhat difficult occasionally. Engineered quartz kitchen counter tops are in texture, pattern and color. The wonderful advantage of granite counter tops is they provide just about all the positive qualities of a natural rock such as rich appearance and durability, but they are free of the majority of the drawbacks. Quartz counter tops are manmade.

The production process to make Quartz into a slab or counter top makes use of raw quartz crystals, among the hardest substances out there. After the quartz was chosen and earth, the crystals are subsequently blended with resin, a bonding agent, and color. All this is heated and vibro-compacted to make an impenetrable surface. The quartz table top singapore counter tops need to be composed of 93% quartz or they cannot maintain the durability, impermeability or the hardness of a true quartz surface. The final product is non-porous, has good durability and is over twice stronger than granite.

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Engineered Quartz counter top surfaces are available in a wide variety of colors that cannot be found naturally since the crushed stone is usually combined with dye. You should take advantage of the flexibility available for your kitchen layout when you are contemplating quartz kitchen counter tops, so they are ready to dazzle the eye while still having the look of stone. The advantage profiles on quartz kitchen counter tops can vary from easy bevels to ogee and bullnose as with natural stone. The installation of engineered quartz counter tops isn’t a do-it-yourself project. You need to have an experienced professional to perform the job. Since quartz is non-porous, its shiny surfaces do not have to be Sealed, such as granite or other natural stones, to be able to prevent them from staining. Quartz surfacing is almost indestructible and pretty much maintenance free.