Signal booster


It was always the special dream of our telecommunications Giants, that they should monopolize the role of king-makers between all human beings on the Globe. They wanted to be the soul bearer of all news, good or bad, that are exchanged by all human inhabitants of this Earth. To this end, they have built up vast networks of transmission towers and fiber optics across much of the inhabited areas of the world. And to a large extent they seem to have succeeded in their mission of connecting everyone to everyone. But this very surfeit of telecommunications largesse has created a problem that is beginning to plague the whole system. Very low signal strengths are being caused by the immense demand on cell phone communications. The Cell Signal Booster seems to have become the latest intermediary between the conversations of two Customers across the world or next door.

Boosting Cell Phone Signals

One of the usual ways that Customers react to low signal Call Dropping is to check their phones for damage. Next the software of the phone can be checked and updated if necessary. Wi-Fi calling is often the best where a reliable Internet connection is available. The LTE can be disabled if the phone is showing a Single Bar. If this fails, upgrading to a newer phone is always possible. Finally the Carrier can be contacted about the weakness in signal strength in that specific area. And if the Carrier is unable to respond satisfactorily, changing to a different Carrier should be considered. When all these options fail, a Cell Signal Booster is the only answer. This is a device that has been designed to pick up signals so low that the usual cell phone is unable to even detect.

 signal booster

Components Of A Signal Booster

The usual Signal Booster available in the market consists of two Antennas and an Amplifier. The main peculiarity of the first of these Antennas is that it is able to detect signals that are so weak as to evade the cell phone also. This signal is now sent to the Booster box or Amplifier, which multiplies signal strength and then this signal is transmitted to the cell phone by the second Antenna.

Fan Following

The popularity of the Booster is now gradually rising, as more and more Customers realize the helplessness of the Carriers or Servers. The only way forward, now, is for the Customers to carry their own Signal Boosters.