Better Option than Tik Tok for Windows Phone Users and settings

Windows Phones are intended to offer incredible photography, as the camera settings are astonishing. It is far and away superior to what the phone brings to the table. A client has a decision to pick focal points while shooting and other such camera applications including white equilibrium and ISO for upgrading shooting experience. Notwithstanding, assuming you are informed that as a Windows Phone client you have a preferred choice over Tik Tok for better pictures and various channel impacts then you may be astounded. There is an application called that is suitable for you assuming you are utilizing a Windows Phone. Allow us to figure out insights regarding this application and see how it is superior to other existing photograph applications.

How to start?

Introductory period of establishment of requires consents that will permit to find your telephone, tap ‘yes’ to continue further. The application would require 9 MB of extra room to sit on your Smartphone. Presently next thing that you require is a record with the application before establishment. You can involve your Face book ID for making record or register without any preparation including your image.

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The invite screen comprises of handles that are like Twitter. Whenever you tap any of these you will be coordinated to the page of a client where you will find Tik Tok-like assortment of pictures. You will likewise have the choice of following a client who is now there on. Another fascinating thing to take a live TikTok followers counter at is the capacity to switch between three choices including Interesting, Popular, and recent when you begin following individuals. The camera button is set at the lower part of the application accessible for shooting.


The issue free piece of utilizing this application is the blue screen button that assists you with catching picture. When you tap the button situated at the lower part of the screen, picture will be caught. To get to choices then, at that point, tap the stuff symbol that will uncover Point EV those aides in setting openness, overlay, clock, Scenic view, and Macro and Portrait settings. The front and back buttons will help in picking various plots for shooting; correspondingly, streak settings also will improve your photos.  Offers you Lens application by the name of Footless which is accessible for 1.49 this provides you with the choice of shooting with Fisheye and gives you the HDR mode. Simply hold the camera immovably to make it work impeccably, as any measure of shaking will demolish the impact.


 Gives you choices like Frames, Styles and Editing for upgrading your photos Different devices incorporate difference, splendor, dynamic quality sliders, honing and lucidity. You can decide to make changes by setting b/w focuses, which helps in making shading balance inside an image containing splendid and dim regions.