commercial carpet cleaning service in Charlotte, NC

Why is it important to clean carpets?

One must understand that carpets need care: vacuuming them daily in the case of high-traffic areas such as offices is vital, while in the case of the home it can be every 2 days. Another problem is that the fibres tend to get crushed, so they should be professionally cleaned commercial carpet cleaning service in Charlotte, NC at least every 6 months at home, and at least every 2 months commercially.

There are 2 types of rugs, fixed rugs that are attached to the floor with some type of glue that cover the entire floor, and removable rugs, which are rugs that are usually placed in entrances, areas such as laundry rooms, kitchens or in the bathroom.

Benefits of professional carpet cleaning

Most people will look for a cleaning and deep washing service at home, this allows us to sanitize both fixed and removable carpets, especially useful if we have many areas with carpets.

  • Cleaning and deep washing carpets allergens and bacteria, improving air quality.

A lot of dirt accumulates on carpets, as we mentioned before.  But did you know that mites, bacteria and even heavy metals hide in them?  Any chemical or toxin that is released into the air can adhere to the fibres, and this causes the carpets to deteriorate the air or even make us sick, so it is vital to disinfect them professionally.  At best companies, they offer a professional service that includes biodegradable and safe detergents.

  • Steam cleaning fixed carpets  mould

The problem with living in climates like few places is that the carpets end up damp.  Whether it’s the environment, people’s wet shoes, or closed air-conditioned environments, our rugs will tend to accumulate moisture.  And this humidity leads to the generation of mould and bad odour, therefore, a deep cleaning that includes disinfectant is vital, the use of high-temperature steam will help to eliminate these microorganisms, and by the same action of the professional machinery, the Moisture will be sucked into out at the end of the process.

  • Thorough cleaning of carpets removes sticky residue.

 Carpet owners will know that it’s not uncommon to find unidentifiable sticky residue on the carpet.  They will collect much more dirt and are very difficult to remove at home without a carpet cleaning machine.  With our cleaning services in Costa Rica, we offer you specialized techniques to remove residue and dirt and bring your carpets back to life.